Sunday, January 31, 2010


Emma by Jane Austin is wonderful i watch part 1 last week and tonight i am going to watch part 2 and the end! i can not wait to read the books!

BIG picture

I couldn't find a perfect picture of me and my brother but this spring there will be a good one! I promise you!


Today i found out from my great aunt Bonnie about
it has some really cute things if you look long enough! it's were i got my cupcake!

My skating pics.!

Here they are!

A special Valintines day!

can every one who follows write something like a Valentine's day craft or activity or something cute and i will add it in to my super Valentine blog post!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten things to do when you are bored
  1. do nothing
  2. count your money(?)
  3. do nothing
  4. tell, yourself you are awesome!
  5. read
  6. count sheep
  7. blow bubbles
  8. make dinner(not)
  9. BLOG
  10. do nothing

hip-hop recital

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Has been a very scary scary scary.......very scary series.I am finally on the last book "The Deathly Hollows". Anyone who hasn't read should really read Its not all scary the other part is humor, magic, fun DEATH, BLOOD ,DEATH EATERS, VOLDAMORT, DEMENTORS, SOULS, LIFE OR DEATH. Sorry but it isn't all that, it is really enjoyable and be prepared to get sucked into the series of HARRY POTTER!

Ice skating (figure)

Hi everyone
I have been working on figure skating for the last three years and I wanted to tell you about it! First of all I am on level seven and we are way past learning how to fall down:) we are doing a one turn with a ballet jump and backwards crossovers with a lung and then switching onto the other foot and turning around the last main thing we are doing is a mohack (switching directions hard!)
  • Never try these things unless you are on level seven!
  • this is really really really really............................hard !
If you are going to start taking lessons READ!
  • You need the proper skates (figure)!!!!!!!!!!
  • Be prepared to fall down (it happens a lot!)
  • If you do it with friends its a lot funner!:):)
  • Have fun!
I will be posting pics soon!