Tuesday, February 23, 2010


By: Lydia Lowe

“O.k., goal kick! Wait your striker get up there!” Does this make any sense to you? Soccer is fun but a lot more than kicking a ball to a friend. It is about teamwork, control, and skill. Soccer is fun but the rules are important to the game. Also, if you want people to pass to you or you do not want to get hurt wear your uniforms and equipment. Last, learn more about the soccer benefits! Ready to go to the field? Read on to find out more.

Rules are a very important skill in soccer. Some of the most important rules of soccer are number one, listen to your coach. Two you can only use your feet, shins, knees thighs, chest, and head. One way a goal will not count is if you are off sides. Off sides is when you do not have the ball to start with and you are behind the defense. First, you have to get the ball and then dribble around the defense. Another important thing is positions it is not exactly a rule but it helps you and your team play so much better. There are four main positions, forward, defense, sweeper and goalie. In forward there is left forward and right forward on the left and a little bit back with right forward on the right and last striker in the middle up front the one kicks the ball first. In there is right defense and left defense they help the goalie. The sweeper is a person who makes sure the ball doesn’t get past the defense. The goalie is at the goal trying to make sure nobody scores. Goal kick is you’re on the goalie box line and you kick it to one of your teammates. The last important rule is that you are wearing your uniform and have your equipment.

What color is your team? Equipment and uniforms is a pretty serious thing in soccer they tell what team you’re on and keeps you from not getting hurt. We are going to start head to toe on uniforms and equipment. Head, hair nothing arms sleeves, stomach, jersey (any color), legs shorts (mostly black). Shins, shin guards covered by long socks (helps when someone goes for the ball but kicks your shin). Foot, soccer cleats (lace up shoes with spicks on the bottom, so you won’t slip on the mud or grass). For games if anyone is going to pass to you, you just have to have your full uniform. You always have the right sized ball needs to be well pumped or you won’t have a very good game. There still are benefits of soccer!

By now I bet soccer sounds like the worst sport ever? Right? But it isn’t, it’s one of my favorite sports. Like, you get tons of exercise when you run and kick! It’s really fun if you do it with friends! Sometimes you even get an end of year party and trophies! You can also get team experience. It’s also a really good great way to go and get some fresh air.

I’d like to sum up my thoughts by saying soccer is a very fun thing! If you don’t like it I feel sorry for you. So go and learn something new. Or at least just try and kick a ball!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


do you think my words are a little hard to read in light blue!
  1. my thing is called miss sunshine
i do not have lydias apron anymore sorry!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

guess what!

2 things
  1. the blog design is called "Lydia's Apron" can you believe it! you never see my name!
  2. i finished 2 books from the Percy Jackson series within a week!
keep checking my blog!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings from the blizzard of 2010!

when it started snowing it was cool to know that it would snow so much! Now it is crazy!It is 2 feet deep and still snowing until ten tonight. when i went outside to take pictures it went up almost to my waist! If i am going to play i have to invite someone really close! It's really snowing my dad can't get out the snow blower can't do its work! its crazy here! I'll keep you updated with photos and paragraphs! here are some!